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Thoughts and insights on the game we all love to play.

12 Ways to Lower Your Handicap. And Keep It Low.


It’s true: Few things are as embarrassing to a golfer as a high handicap. But because everyone comes to the game with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, there’s no one way to lower your handicap. Instead, it requires trying different things to figure out what works best for you.Here are 12 common, simple ways

10 Tips for Sinking Putts like the Pros


Here’s the thing about putts: They’re deceptively simple. You think all it takes is a gentle tap for the ball to roll right into the hole. You’re so close—but you’re also so far away. Mastering the art of putting is, in many ways, just as critical to your game as a powerful, well-placed drive. It’s

6 Reasons Your Short Game Practice Doesn’t Help


Practice, as the saying goes, makes perfect. While short game practice is essential to a golfer’s performance on the green, if not done properly, it can be ineffective. It can even be a waste of your time. Feel like your short game practice isn’t helping you? Wondering why all those hours you clock aren’t doing

5 Drills to Make More Putts from 8 Feet and In


There’s something serene and satisfying about a well-executed putt. You find your target. You aim for it. You gauge the surrounding terrain. You prepare your stance. You plan your stroke. You swing. You watch the ball gently roll into the hole. There’s also something defeating and humiliating about a poorly-executed putt. You’ve got the confidence.

5 Tips to Reduce Lower Back Pain in Your Golf Swing


We’ve all been there. You’re preparing for another day out on the links. The weather’s crisp and clear. The course is one you’re excited to play. There’s just one problem: Your back is killing you. Perhaps it’s a dull ache in your muscles. Maybe it’s a sharp jolt that leaves you gasping for breath. Either