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Q. Why the name “swingOIL”?

Look up “swing oil” on Urban Dictionary and you’ll see it’s a slang term for drinking alcohol to loosen up on the golf course. Golfers often consume beer or other alcoholic beverages to try and improve their performance. Since we’re also about being loose and smooth on the golf course, we decided to adopt the name. But unlike beers and cocktails, our alcohol-free supplement drink helps you stay loose and swing smooth naturally, with 7 key ingredients designed to promote flexibility and focus. So you can feel great on the course—and off the course as well.

Q. What exactly is swingOIL?

Designed by golfers for golfers, swingOIL is a supplement drink formulated with 7 key ingredients to help you get loose and swing smooth. Learn more here.

Q. What are the 7 key ingredients in swingOIL?

Every 3oz. pouch of swingOIL contains a proprietary blend of 7 key ingredients designed to target the physical and mental needs of golfers everywhere: taurine, citrulline malate, ginseng extract, rhodiola rosea extract, glucosamine, chondroitin, and turmeric. Learn more here.

Q. Does swingOIL really work?

While there haven’t yet been any formal, long-term studies about the effectiveness of swingOIL, it has been adopted into the daily routine of some of today’s most notable tour players, including 2015 PGA Champion Jason Day and 14-time PGA Tour winner Kenny Perry.

Q. When should I drink swingOIL?

We recommend making swingOIL a daily part of your routine. Its great taste and small size make it ideal to take 15 minutes before tee time, as well as during your rounds when you need a little extra energy and focus.

Q. Is swingOIL a medicine?

swingOIL is a supplement drink made for golfers by golfers. We are not a medicine—and it’s important you know that. This product is a dietary supplement. It’s not intended to cure or prevent diseases. All product quotes are actual comments and opinions provided by those to whom they are attributed. They are not the property of Back9Beverages, LLC.

Q. Which pro golfers use swingOIL?

More and more of the world’s top golfers are getting into the swingOIL routine every day. Here are some of the more than 55 professional and touring golfers who use swingOIL to get loose and swing smooth.

Q. Where can I order swingOIL?

You can order swingOIL online. You can also find it at many local golf clubs, retail chains, and pro shops (find a full list here).