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I'm one of the 55+ Champions Tour players to use @swingOIL. I would HIGHLY recommend it. I can't play without it.

Glen Day, PGA Tour Champions

I'm normally pretty stiff when I'm playing golf. These guys aren't paying me...but I'm telling you what, it worked for me this week. I felt amazing out there.

Kenny Perry, PGA Tour Champions

I feel like I have WD-40 flowing through my body when I take swingOIL. All lubed and loose and ready to play.

Bart Bryant, PGA Tour Champions


Meet #TEAMswingOIL. They get loose. They swing smooth. They love golf. From training tips to words of inspiration to game-day advice, here’s what pro athletes and everyday golfers around the world are saying about the game they love to play—and the supplement they love to drink.

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